Day 16: Tianshui – Qinyang

Day 16: Tianshui – Qinyang September 16, 2019 Distance covered: 750 km We didn’t even try to find a breakfast restaurant the following morning, our experience of the previous evening had taught us that there was only one restaurant close to our hotel and that it was not up to our standards. The buffet breakfastContinue reading “Day 16: Tianshui – Qinyang”

Day 15: Tanchang – Tianshui

September 15, 2019 Distance covered:  350 km. Less sumptuous breakfast The following morning, still remembering the great breakfast of the day before, we set out to the same restaurant, only to find out that it wasn’t open yet. As we were in a hurry to hit the road to have enough time to see the onlyContinue reading “Day 15: Tanchang – Tianshui”

Day 14 Day in the Guan’egou

September 14, 2019 Sumptious breakfast This was another day that we didn’t need to pack our suitcases early in the morning. We met in the lobby and started to scan the street for a restaurant offering a proper breakfast. We ended up enjoying one of the most sumptious breakfasts of this trip. The buffet breakfastContinue reading “Day 14 Day in the Guan’egou”

Day 13: Têwo – Tanchang

September 13, 2019 Distance covered: 180 km. Quiet day This was one of the quietest days of our trip. It started well with a sumptuous breakfast. The hotel breakfast was a genuine feast. Going out to find a breakfast joint was not an option in this mountain resort, but I wouldn’t have wanted to missContinue reading “Day 13: Têwo – Tanchang”

Day 12: Ruo’ergai – Têwo

September 12, 2019 Distance covered: 150 kms We had breakfast in the hotel the following morning, instead of our usual routine of finding a a breakfast place in town. I realise that I have never said anything about my breakfast habits during trips like this. I don’t eat congee like the others, but can usuallyContinue reading “Day 12: Ruo’ergai – Têwo”

Day 11: Zhuokeji – Ruo’ergai

September 11, 2019 Distance covered: 360 km This turned out to be one of the more eventful days of our trip, including a couple of amazing sites. Roadside graveyard No need to mention that we got up and left early; you know the drill by now. Crossing a few mountains and passing through a coupleContinue reading “Day 11: Zhuokeji – Ruo’ergai”

Day 10: day in Barkam/Zhuokeji

September 10, 2019 The main objective of the day was a visit to the Changlie Monastery. Another monastery? Yes, and no. Changlie has two distinctive features: it is huge and . . . located on top of mountain at an elevation close to 4000 metres. A fringe benefit was that we did not have toContinue reading “Day 10: day in Barkam/Zhuokeji”

Day 9: Wengda – Zhuokeji

September 9, 2019 The route on this map is hand-drawn, as both Chinese online maps refuse to show the shorter route that we took that day. Distance covered: 268 km. Goodbye Wengda Our driver picked us up early in the morning. After loading our luggage as always, we first drove the the Chongqing restaurant forContinue reading “Day 9: Wengda – Zhuokeji”

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